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Supernatural Pet Sightings

Dec 2, 2020

In this episode, I talk to Rhiannon Francis, Animal Communicator, Psychic, and Paranormal Investigator. Rhiannon begins the episode by sharing the story of a mysterious energy that lit up her home shortly after the death of her beloved dog. She ends the episode by sharing how her departed cat was able to telepathically communicate that he was dying.

What happens between the beginning and the end of this episode can only be heard to understand. I don’t want to give it away, but I need to share a few things with you so that you’ll understand what’s happening.

Early on in the show, you’ll hear Rhiannon offer to show me her EMF reader, a tool often used by paranormal investigators to detect spirits. This is where things get strange. The device, which normally never goes off in Rhiannon’s apartment, lights up like a Christmas tree. Suspecting there may be a presence, Rhiannon asks for a sign from beyond. 

The EMF continues to showcase a beautiful light show, but that’s about all that happens. Or so we think. It was only after the interview was done when I discovered the voices, spirits from behind the deathly veil reaching out with a message.

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Rhiannon Francis - Biography

My name is Rhiannon and my work is to help people. I do this by doing psychic readings for people and pets (animal communication). I also offer other services and if you clink on the services tab you will find them. Finally, I do psychic & paranormal investigations in homes in MA where people are concerned about paranormal experiences aka hauntings within their homes. This is the creed I live and work by: Let everything be done in service For the greater good of all, As an expression of my life purpose And moving closer to Source My readings are woven into my creed. The goal of each of them is to help the person. The universe/God/the Source works in mysterious ways and I've watched people receive help in unexpected ways but ultimately in ways they needed. At this time I am doing short readings/consultations for free. Please msg me if you would like to be considered. My current list is full but I have a waiting list started.
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I provide intuitive readings and other services for people and pets. I also make items including but not limited to personal sigils (think spiritual vision board), customized spells, smudging wands, etc. See "Services" tab for more info.